Government Agencies

We can provide communication infrastructure to fully connect your facilities, regardless of location. Fibre is quickly becoming a utility as vital as electric power and water, and we’re proud to facilitate your access to this essential infrastructure.

Our Impact

Creating a more connected world.

Facilitating Access

We have worked with the BC government to create feasibility studies designed to help communities successfully plan, budget, and transition towards installing upgraded high-speed internet services.

Blueprints for Progress

We have provided consulting services for Regional Districts to overlay demographic, economic, social, and technological trends in order to identify optimum telecommunications needs to enable future growth and prosperity.

Grant Applications

Taking a proactive approach, we have worked closely with the BC government and local stakeholders to successfully secure grants for remote community network upgrades.

How We Work with You

Connecting your organization.

When working with government agencies, we are familiar with and adhere to all regulatory policies related to industry and impacted jurisdictions. We hold a deep-rooted appreciation for the unique geographical, economic, and social characteristics of the regions we support, which makes Driftwood an excellent consultant and partner at any level of government.

  • 1. Preliminary Consultations

    We lend our industry expertise to help government agencies make informed funding decisions and provide recommendations on the future-proof network options that work best for the unique characteristics of each community.

  • 2. Ongoing Engagement

    We perform full end-to-end site surveys while engaging with community stakeholders to understand the individual concerns and considerations necessary to ensure every project’s success.

  • 3. Design, Construction, Activation

    We provide a full array of design, engineering, and network installation and activation services in urban, rural, and First Nations communities.

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