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  • When did Driftwood Communications start?

    Driftwood got its start in 1996, and we’ve proudly been a leading turnkey telecommunications contractor ever since.

  • Where do you work?

    Our head office is located in Victoria, BC, but we also have offices in Kelowna, Edmonton, and Manitoba.

  • Are you an internet provider?

    No. We are a turnkey contractor, designing, installing, and activating the infrastructure for Canadian telecommunication providers.

  • Does Driftwood do telecom work in business parks?

    Yes, our dedicated teams provide turnkey network installation services from project management, planning, and design all the way to construction and activation of many types of leading-edge network design solutions.

  • Does Driftwood provide service in Eastern Canada?

    Currently, no. However, since a number of our valued clients have a major presence in Eastern Canada, we would always entertain expanding our operating footprint eastwards.

  • Does Driftwood design and install Wi-Fi networks?

    Yes, Driftwood has successfully designed and installed many unique Wi-Fi networks in places such as hotels, theatres, RV parks, and malls.

  • Are your employees all safety certified?

    We take safety seriously. All of our field employees are fully safety certified for a variety of hazards including hydro/electrical safety, confined space safety, and protocol and ladder safety certification. We track and review all safety requirements and do regular safety refresher training to keep best practices top of mind.

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