We help communities reap the benefits of cutting-edge telecom technologies—today and tomorrow.

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Our Expertise

We’re a progressive turnkey telecommunications contractor, providing reliable support and expert service from start to finish.

  • Project Management & Consulting
  • Planning & Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • OSP / ISP Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • In Home / Business Installations

Empowering people & communities

Telecommunications Service Providers

To be a leader in providing turnkey solutions to the telecom industry, we continue to deliver the highest quality services, including planning and design, engineering, construction, installation and splicing services, and more. We provide the seamless installation experience the industry needs and our customers deserve.

First Nations

We work closely with our First Nations partners to ensure Indigenous communities across Western Canada receive the connectivity necessary for today’s digital world. From in-depth consultations to grant writing support, we’re proud to foster opportunities for Indigenous people to participate in the economic, environmental, and social benefits of Driftwood’s community developments.

Government Agencies

We support broadband funding agencies at all levels of government with community engagement, forecast planning, cost benefit design options, and budgeting as well as all levels of engineering, permitting, construction, installation, and network activation.


We work with communities as advocates, consultants, and industry experts on developing funding models, network design, and construction options that best fit the unique characteristics of each community we serve.

  • “When I was Director at the Strathcona Regional District, Driftwood did a great job developing key Last Mile design options for the Connected Coast project in 2019.”

    Victoria Smith

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