Driftwood Communications is a progressive turnkey contractor, providing telecommunication services to major telecom providers in Western Canada since 1996.

Collectively, the Driftwood management team has decades of experience in providing engineering and construction solutions in the telecom market.

Our long history of service includes providing fiber optic infrastructure planning, design and drafting services for several major projects in both British Columbia and Alberta. Driftwood Communications has been recognized as a contractor of choice for bringing the expertise, knowledge, and resources necessary to complete client projects regardless of size.

Some of our clients include

Industries We Serve


To be a leader in providing turnkey solutions to the telecom industry, we continue to deliver the highest quality services from start to finish, including: planning, engineering, construction, installation and splicing services, and more. We provide the seamless installation experience the industry needs, and our customers deserve.


Increasing broadband access to urban centres, under served, and rural areas improves sustainability,  economic growth and prosperity, and creates quality jobs in your community. Fast internet services provide the connectivity necessary for distance working and enhanced education efforts at all levels.


Fibre is the fastest, most reliable broadband connection on the market. The speed that a fibre network provides is a huge draw for businesses, industry, and accelerated entrepreneurial activity. Fibre is quickly becoming a utility as vital to public infrastructure as public water, sewer, gas, and electric power.