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Telecommunications Services

From planning and design to construction and installation, Driftwood Communications provides excellent telecommunications turnkey solutions while adhering to the most rigorous safety standards.

Turnkey Solutions

At Driftwood, we provide project management services as well as in-house and partnership-driven solutions for large telecom incumbents, municipality communities, and multinational contracting companies. Our team provides support throughout the BC Interior, Northern AB, Winnipeg, Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland areas. Driftwood has a proven track record of producing high quality results on budget and on time. With over 30 years in the telecommunications industry, Driftwood Communications is a diversified and dynamic turnkey contractor providing solutions and services tailored to our clients needs.

Driftwood Turnkey Solutions
Driftwood Planning Design

Planning & Design

Our highly trained team of planners can service HFC and Telecom infrastructure, are experts in pole line and civil structure design as well as permitting. We are able to provide the necessary support for OSP-ISP field surveys as well as power supply and node segmentation.

Construction & Installation

Our team is proficient with all aspects for wiring including entrancing pulling and splicing for MDU/MXU, Hospitality Wi-Fi projects and residential drop upgrades. Our teams can work with strand and wire mediums including MR and can provide complete fiber, copper and coax splicing and testing.

Driftwood Construction Installation
Driftwood Planning Support

Support & Maintenance

Driftwood is able to offer 24-hour Support for on call and emergency work and plant maintenance; ensuring your network is always reliable. Our in-house TCP and flagging resources make scheduling easy; in addition, we have access to complete Civil Operations for trenching, boring, cutting and restoration. We are also capable of working in the hydro space and provide complete customer support throughout PM work tasks.

Safety & Training

Safety is Priority #1 at Driftwood Communications. We have in-house, OH&S certified instructors as well as a certified training facility that offers certification for the telecom industry. Our commitment to employee safety and rigorous training is what sets Driftwood apart and helps us to meet and exceed all industry safety standards.

Driftwood Safety Training